Our Complete Pest Control Service and Solutions in Singapore.

Straits Termite is a license Pest Control Operator by NEA. We provide a complete pest control services to all families and businesses in Singapore, not limiting to just termite, rat problems and other pests services too. We solve all your pest related problems with our professional specialists island wide. 

Our Pest Control Innovations optimise the service quality, safety and efficacy standards, we provide you all our customers in Singapore. Call us today +65 63650939 for free consultation, site survey and quotation, Let us solve your problem and have peace of mind.


Our Core Values

A successful pest management program requires commitment from the customer and the service provider.

The Fundamental Pillars - T.I.C.K

  • Transparent
  • Innovative
  • Consultative
  • Knowledge Based

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When Traditional Pest Control Meets Advanced Technology…

Our IoT System, RodentEye, is an automated Rodent Surveillance System to help monitor rodent activities 24/7. It is the only system that provides a REAL TIME heat map visualization with inbuilt data analytics. RodentEye promotes transparency for rodent activities and makes Performance-based rodent management service contracts possible.

As compared to conventional Rodent management programmes, it helps to:

• Promote pro-active control measures

• Evaluate effectiveness on Rodent control works done

• Prevent potential outbreak of Rodent issues.

Integrated Pest Management

We believe effective control measures do not only depend on a single control method, but rather a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls.

Tailor-Made Solution

We are committed towards filling the diverse requirements and different pest issues of our Clients through the supply of tailor-made solutions.

Dedicated Service Team

Our experienced and dedicated service team will always manage and serve your pest-related issues well.

In House Entomologist

Our in-house entomologist provides technical support and aid in pest identification, to ensure that all clients will have the best quality experience when they are faced with any pest issues.